Dec 21, 2011

Place of work Emergency First Aid Kit

We live in an increasingly Health and security mindful environment and sometimes people complain about that, however it is hard to argue that using sensible precautions is a good idea. I would suggest that the most basic of steps you can take is to ensure that at work there is a correctly stocked first aid kit. If you are in cost then it is your obligation to produce one, if you are an worker you should be sure that you know where it is and what is in it.

The next most critical feature is to ensure that it is ‘environment appropriate’. What I mean but that is that the kit has in it items that are most probably to combat the hazards confronted at work. Most kits will have the same simple essentials (plasters, slings, similar) but if you are working with specific chemicals you may need eye baths, goggles etc. If you are working as a tree surgeon then you are more likely to face dangerous accidents than you are if you are seated at a desk typing! Make sure that if you have an emergency the thing that you might need is included in the kit. A lot of firms stock specific workplace first aid kits specific jobs. It is a good idea to check these for what they have in them if you are not buying one directly.

Make sure that it is someone’s job to keep it checkedand stocked. There is no point in having a workplace first aid kits that has run out of plasters! At home you can keep easier track of it mainly because you are possible to know who is using what, at work this may not be the case so it needs to be looked at regularly.

Finally make sure that you have sufficient workplace first aid trained workers on site and ensure that they are satisfied with the contents of the kit – there is no point in having one if the person needs something else every single time or has no idea how to use the contents.

Hopefully you will certainly not need your first aid kit in the workplace. But if you do it’s best to be prepared.

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