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Oct 5, 2012

Are Ear Candles Beneficial?

Your ears are a important part of the human body, and you have to have them to function at their best. Too often, most of us take that for granted though until they aren’t. One of several procedures that you can keep your ears cleaner and healthy is by using ear candles. They are easy to use and they are cost-effective. You may be thinking are ear candles effective for you? They could be in terms of removing wax and debris in your ears.

Even so right now there haven’t been any significant research that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that ear candles are efficient. Without having such information, many people are unwilling to give them a go. Even so, there are many of people that rave to their best freinds and family as well as online about precisely how good their ears really feel once they periodically start using these candles on them. Since there isn’t any harm being done by using them, you must think of giving it a try and find out what materializes for you from using it.

Are ear candles good for you? One good reason that they are is that the heat permits the wax inside of the ear canal to be loose up. Then it is much simpler to be taken out. The last thing you want is to injury your ears resulting from sticking a Q-Tip in there too far to clean them out. This could cause a great deal of discomfort and pain for you.

Using heat such as through the use of ear candles has long been a tradition in Chinese culture, and that is where these ear candles stem from. Their culture has long been a leader in the area of alternative and preventative health care methods. The Chinese also believe that ear candles work because they allow the sinuses to be cleansed from the inside out. Too often, ear problems are the result of sinus drainage that gets into the ears.

Many people worry about the safety of ear candles, but you don’t really need to worry. Many of the newer versions have a protective disk on the end of them. This ensures that none of the hot wax is able to drip onto a person. It is recommended though that you always get someone else to hold the ear candle for you so that you can lie down. That individual should hold the candle at a 90 degree angle to also further reduce the risk of any dripping from the hot wax.

Are ear candles good for you? In the end, you have to be the judge of that. You may be curious about them and want to give them a try. This tends to be a tool you make use of on a regular basis to keep your ears as healthy as it can be. There’s really no harm though in using them to see what results you get. Just make sure you use ear candles only as directed and that you keep them out of the reach of children.

Sep 22, 2012

Cotton and Bees Wax Ear Candles

Whether or not you believe in the potential benefits to ear candling and ear candles, their particular recognition is growing and one of the reasons behind this could well be because of the simplicity specific product itself. During this era of chemical stimulated products it’s increasingly becoming unusual to get goods that are really organic, raw and simple in their manufacture. Ear Candles are in fact one of the few remaining health and fitness items that are so raw in their concept precisely their elements. It takes literally only two components to create a candle, the cotton and the beeswax. That’s it! The only addition to an ear candle has become the additional precautionary features which have granted this easy therapy to become more of a usual home therapy such as a safety filter or the accessories such as a safety protective disk. This product is now more main stream over the last 10 years but looking back thirty or 40 years ago the basis of the product has changed little. Somehow such a simple cottage industry home made product, has evolved into a regular item that can be found in pharmacies and health food shops around the world.

The treatment is one of those classic grandma stories where parents would literally cut up some pure cotton and experiment with dipping the cotton in a pan of heated beeswax made in the kitchen. Over the years this raw process found a more reliable method of manufacture which is important as the way that the cotton itself is rolled and dipped is the crucial aspect, nobody wants to be using a candle which falls apart! Similar to home made creams the constancy of the ingredients is an all important factor. Over doing the percentages of any home made creams and their base can really make the difference to how home remedies perform and the same can be said for ear candles.The beeswax has to heated to a consistent temperature similar to baking a cake in the oven , too much and it will burn easily or too little and and the wax will not bond correctly with the cotton which is important to the end performance of your candle.

In recent times we have seen the introduction of ear candles in all colour forms which is quite honestly a sad sight to see and an obvious marketing ploy by the cheap nasty Chinese brands. It does not take too much common sense to realise that the raw ingredients of these coloured candles have an abundance of non natural ingredients which contain artificial colouring and scents. Do yourself a big favour and avoid these type of candles at all costs …. if they were of any benefit I am sure the grandma’s would have been making these at home 50 years ago and I would rarely argue with my grandmother! Wisdom always prevails.

So if you agree with using absolute pure ingredients what is the difference with one candle to the next and why do some of the candles appear different in colour or perform differently? Well for a start bees and the beeswax they produce is a wonderful thing. The essential raw process of beeswax is seasonal and dependent upon where bees are collecting their nectar … the type of flowers that are in season and the actual environmental aspects of nature itself. It is said that the lighter the beeswax colour the purer the quality but this is not to say that ear candles which appear darker in colour are bad. The darker beeswax candles are simply ones which have used beeswax which has been harvested most probably in winter time. As an example bees that have been feeding from forests of Jarrah wood, will likely result in a darker colour beeswax. The pure quality is still not in question it is just the season which is affecting the colour.

The poor old bees have been having a bad time of it lately and have their own serious bout of virus which has affected bees around the world. The bee population has witnessed the same problem that cane toad frogs have seen and is wiping put the population due to an ever spreading virus. There have even in recent times been whole beehive populations being wiped out and it has become common for bee hives to be actually exported around the world to maintain production and quality. Lets hope the bees win the war as there is a multitude of health products and food items that totally rely on the superior beneficial attributes of honey or beeswax.

Whenever you next make use of or buy a pair of ear candles take note of the colour of the beeswax and try to spot the difference, even the same brand can look different in different months of the year. Overall you should be looking for an ear candle which is consistent in it s manufacture and the way it performs. This is why generally most consumers stick to what they know, as with any product. Ignore the temptation of price or pretty colours. Like they say, quality sometimes comes at a price, but for a home based treatment that price should be respected at all times.

Dec 21, 2011

Place of work Emergency First Aid Kit

We live in an increasingly Health and security mindful environment and sometimes people complain about that, however it is hard to argue that using sensible precautions is a good idea. I would suggest that the most basic of steps you can take is to ensure that at work there is a correctly stocked first aid kit. If you are in cost then it is your obligation to produce one, if you are an worker you should be sure that you know where it is and what is in it.

The next most critical feature is to ensure that it is ‘environment appropriate’. What I mean but that is that the kit has in it items that are most probably to combat the hazards confronted at work. Most kits will have the same simple essentials (plasters, slings, similar) but if you are working with specific chemicals you may need eye baths, goggles etc. If you are working as a tree surgeon then you are more likely to face dangerous accidents than you are if you are seated at a desk typing! Make sure that if you have an emergency the thing that you might need is included in the kit. A lot of firms stock specific workplace first aid kits specific jobs. It is a good idea to check these for what they have in them if you are not buying one directly.

Make sure that it is someone’s job to keep it checkedand stocked. There is no point in having a workplace first aid kits that has run out of plasters! At home you can keep easier track of it mainly because you are possible to know who is using what, at work this may not be the case so it needs to be looked at regularly.

Finally make sure that you have sufficient workplace first aid trained workers on site and ensure that they are satisfied with the contents of the kit – there is no point in having one if the person needs something else every single time or has no idea how to use the contents.

Hopefully you will certainly not need your first aid kit in the workplace. But if you do it’s best to be prepared.

May 31, 2011

Emergency Awareness and Preparedness is Needed for all of us

Too often we do not get ready for emergencies and then they are harder to deal with for us. Give thought to your day-to-day life and how frequently issues can take place all around you. Something basic as a first aid bag  in the home, the office, and inside your vehicle can make a massive distinction in what you are able to provide when an emergency does occur.

You can buy a first aid bag and place into it anything that you would like. This can allow you to customize it for the location where you will put it. However, you can also buy those that are pre-made with all of the times that you will need to make it happen. By having them where you can get to them then you will be able to reduce the chances of feeling helpless when something does occur.

A car first aid kit is a great idea because of the quantity of time that people spend in their vehicles. Accidents can occur in all types of weather conditions. They are able to also happen in all types of areas. They do not just take place in the huge cities with busy roads so ensure you’ve got what you will need. When you travel for work or vacation a car first aid kit is something you got to have within your own vehicle or in a rental.

A travel first aid kit can readily fit into your carryon luggage or into your checked bags. Then you are able to place it inside your vehicle and even within your hotel room. It might sound silly but the truth is that emergency awareness helps use to see that we need to be ready in an instant for anything that can occur. Do not underestimate the role that a travel first aid kit can supply.

Take some time to have a look at the various first aid kits for sale out there. What you will locate is that they include various supplies. Make a list of what you’ll need so that you’ll be able to get those which are right for the location where you will keep them. Compare costs too with first aid kits for sale to ensure that you usually get the best possible deal.